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NISSAN IDOL 2010 - THE FINAL You can vote every 15 days. Voting for The Final ends at Midnight on 17th November. No votes after this date will be counted. The winner will appear on the cover of the Jan-Feb 2011 issue. In the interest of fairness the following will apply also: VOTING FROM MOBILE DEVICES: Please be...
ROUND 2 WINNERS - TOP 3 MOVING ON TO THE FINAL 1st Place: Name: Anthony Reid Location: Renfrew Make & Model: Datsun 180B Year: 1979 Spent so far?: to scared to count it up Bhp: around 300 50 words on .... The Styling: Stockish look with Australian grill JDM mirrors, custom paint custom clear front lamps. Earlier style bumpers. Rota D1 alloys, Lowered on home made coilovers 50 words on...
IMPREZA IDOL 2010 - THE FINAL You can vote once only during the voting period for one car only. Voting for The Final ends at Midnight on 17th November. No votes after this date will be counted. The winner will appear on the cover of the Jan-Feb 2011 issue. In the interest of fairness the following will...

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Car Insurance and Breakdown Cover – Need to Know Guide

Do I need to buy breakdown cover with my car insurance? Many insurance providers give you the option to purchase breakdown cover with your car insurance policy. Should you add breakdown cover or buy it separately? One of the most stressful situations can be experiencing a breakdown, especially if you don’t have the right cover in place. For this reason many drivers will consider breakdown cover to be essential. At the time of purchasing or renewing your car insurance, you will have the choice to include breakdown cover as an optional extra. Breakdown cover included as standard in your car insurance Some insurance providers will offer you breakdown cover as standard, there are very few companies that do this. The overall cost of your policy will likely be higher when breakdown cover is included as standard. You can easily see the price difference when getting a quote from an online comparison website. This will allow you work out if it’s cheaper to buy car insurance with or without breakdown cover included. Breakdown cover as an optional extra in your car insurance It is estimated that around 45% of policies listed on Defaqto offered breakdown cover within the UK as an optional extra, with just 20% including it as standard. Out of the car insurance providers who offer breakdown cover as an optional extra, there was a variation between the price and level of cover available. Often, prices varied largely for the same level of cover. Here are some different levels of breakdown cover to look out for:
  • Home start
  • Roadside assistance
  • Nationwide recovery
  • Onward travel (transportation and overnight stay)
  • European cover
It is also worth noting that breakdown cover that is sold with a car insurance policy is usually only vehicle cover. This means that it will only apply to the vehicle you are insuring. Most drivers will want personal breakdown cover, this will allow you to have breakdown cover for any vehicle, whether you are the driver or passenger in someone else’s vehicle. This option gives you a lot more flexibility. Check to see if your current insurer offers this or if you will have to buy this separately. How do I get the cheapest breakdown cover? There is no definitive answer on how to get cheaper breakdown cover when buying car insurance. Everyone’s needs and circumstances will be different. Some customers will get cheaper cover with their car insurance policy, others will be better off financially by buying both types of cover separately. It is best to compare car insurance quotes with and without breakdown cover included and see how much the price differs. You can also find out how much standalone breakdown cover costs by going directly to a provider’s website. The AA and RAC are two of the most well-known and reviewed breakdown cover providers within the UK. Useful tip: Some banks may offer you free breakdown cover by choosing one of their selected bank accounts. These bank accounts will charge a monthly fee but it may work out more affordable if you find the other added benefits and features they provide to be useful. Looking for cheap car insurance with or without breakdown cover? We recommend using a comparison site. It’s quick and simple to get an online quote with someone like utilitysavingexpert.com.      

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a car is an exciting adventure, something that brings you to independence, or a clean break from a car that was giving you troubles, either way, it is a fresh start. There are many variables to consider when you are looking to purchase a vehicle that is pre-owned, but everyone has a couple things at the top of their list that they consider before making their final decisions. – Is the car safe? – Is the car affordable? Whether you purchase from a brand name dealership, a small dealership, or an individual owner, those two questions come in to play. When dealing with a high-end dealership, there are pros and cons. A huge plus is that dealerships go through extensive testing before allowing a pre-owned vehicle to be purchased under their name. There are many dealerships to choose from that will lift the stress of trust off your shoulders, and that in itself can be a good enough reason to go this route. The disadvantage to choosing large dealerships is that they pay for and go the extra mile to back these cars and sell them for their highest value, so pricing can be a bit higher than choosing a different route. Also, tons of paperwork comes with big name dealerships, if that is not something you like then I would suggest looking into other options. Another option when used car shopping, is to find a smaller company. This is not altogether a bad choice, and this may be a path that works for you and your needs. This is a good idea if you are trying to be extra financially cautious with your vehicle purchase and make sure these smaller dealers have motor trade insurance. Smaller dealerships can offer warranty packs just like their bigger competitors and can be trustworthy as well so don’t rule them out. These places might still be trying to get their name out there which and grow so they could be selling cars at wonderful rates in order to do so, or may offer cars you can trust that just have minor flaws in appearance, things like: Upholstery damage – Dents or scrapes and scratches – Ugly or tarnished paint A different route to go when searching for a used car is with an individual seller. This is honestly the riskiest option and could lead to a good experience or a disaster, but might be necessary given your financial needs. If you choose this direction then you are responsible for investigating the condition of the car, unless the seller agrees to a vehicle inspection at a location you trust. If not, it is up to you to determine whether the car is safe to drive, and worth its price. It is on you to handle all DMV paperwork that comes with the purchase of any vehicle, which can be a timely and costly process. Another thing to consider is that chances of warranties are slim. If something needs to be fixed or replaced, it is one hundred percent your responsibility. Nonetheless, it is an option worth looking into. No matter which option you use always make sure that you have done your research and are heading home with a vehicle that you feel confident with.