Do I need to buy breakdown cover with my car insurance?

Many insurance providers give you the option to purchase breakdown cover with your car insurance policy. Should you add breakdown cover or buy it separately?

One of the most stressful situations can be experiencing a breakdown, especially if you don’t have the right cover in place. For this reason many drivers will consider breakdown cover to be essential. At the time of purchasing or renewing your car insurance, you will have the choice to include breakdown cover as an optional extra.

Breakdown cover included as standard in your car insurance

Some insurance providers will offer you breakdown cover as standard, there are very few companies that do this. The overall cost of your policy will likely be higher when breakdown cover is included as standard. You can easily see the price difference when getting a quote from an online comparison website. This will allow you work out if it’s cheaper to buy car insurance with or without breakdown cover included.

Breakdown cover as an optional extra in your car insurance

It is estimated that around 45% of policies listed on Defaqto offered breakdown cover within the UK as an optional extra, with just 20% including it as standard. Out of the car insurance providers who offer breakdown cover as an optional extra, there was a variation between the price and level of cover available. Often, prices varied largely for the same level of cover.

Here are some different levels of breakdown cover to look out for:

  • Home start
  • Roadside assistance
  • Nationwide recovery
  • Onward travel (transportation and overnight stay)
  • European cover

It is also worth noting that breakdown cover that is sold with a car insurance policy is usually only vehicle cover. This means that it will only apply to the vehicle you are insuring. Most drivers will want personal breakdown cover, this will allow you to have breakdown cover for any vehicle, whether you are the driver or passenger in someone else’s vehicle. This option gives you a lot more flexibility. Check to see if your current insurer offers this or if you will have to buy this separately.

How do I get the cheapest breakdown cover?

There is no definitive answer on how to get cheaper breakdown cover when buying car insurance. Everyone’s needs and circumstances will be different. Some customers will get cheaper cover with their car insurance policy, others will be better off financially by buying both types of cover separately. It is best to compare car insurance quotes with and without breakdown cover included and see how much the price differs. You can also find out how much standalone breakdown cover costs by going directly to a provider’s website. The AA and RAC are two of the most well-known and reviewed breakdown cover providers within the UK.

Useful tip: Some banks may offer you free breakdown cover by choosing one of their selected bank accounts. These bank accounts will charge a monthly fee but it may work out more affordable if you find the other added benefits and features they provide to be useful.

Looking for cheap car insurance with or without breakdown cover? We recommend using a comparison site. It’s quick and simple to get an online quote with someone like





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