1st Place:

Name: Anthony Reid
Location: Renfrew
Make & Model: Datsun 180B
Year: 1979
Spent so far?: to scared to count it up
Bhp: around 300

50 words on …. The Styling: Stockish look with Australian grill JDM mirrors, custom paint custom clear front lamps. Earlier style bumpers. Rota D1 alloys, Lowered on home made coilovers
50 words on …. The Interior: Stock 1970’s interior with a SSS dash and boost/air fuel guages and boost controller, And kenwood audio system
50 words on …. Modifications: 2000 16v turbo engine and box from Skyline. 200SX management (modded) ecu and engine harness. Skyline fuel tank. Front mount intercooler and custom pipe work, 3” turbo back Stainless custom exhaust. Custom wiring loom. Greddy fuel pressure regulator and BOV. GTR front brakes, fully polly bushed. Loads more
50 words on …. Why you should win!: Every modification to this car was self done took about a year to build once it had returned from bodyshop. Also be good to see an old school car win something and prove to non jap owners that jap cars young or old are just as good if not better.

2nd Place – 20% of the vote

Richard Rochester

Name: Richard Rochester
Location: Top Secret, kinda like the Batcave
Make & Model: Nissan Primera GTT
Year: 1999
Spent so far?: Upwards of 10-20k
Bhp: 298 at last dyno run, but after re-map & boost increase est. 320-350Bhp

50 words on …. The Styling: Subtle is the key, this is not a Primera trying to be any other car it’s a Primera full stop! So the plan was to enhance the styling by working with the good parts & enhance those Nissan should have done pre-production JDM Yo!
50 words on …. The Interior: Full OEM spec leather in mint condition, with subtle ICE to fill the car with those essNchill tunes. LED replacement lighting throughout freshens up the 90’s display, is there a gadget not present in the dash probably not (gauge pods, boost controller, ECUtalk etc.). Sci-fi has a lot to answer for!
50 words on …. Modifications: Custom built SR20DE(T) with forged internals uprated JWT cams, 570cc injectors, Garrett T28RS turbo, uprated Brembo brakes, 17×7.5 Rota Boosts, Tein SS coilovers, full SS custom exhaust, custom fibreglass front splitter.
50 words on …. Why you should win!: There’s no Pulsar/GTiR swap here, from the ground up this engine is all Primera. This project came about from a love for Jap cars & a need for speed. This car wouldn’t be what it is today without the input & know how of various forums NPOC, SR20 & G20.


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